A visible and noticeable change occurs in the faces of Connie's workshop participants as they are led through similar guided visualizations which she includes in all of her nature-inspired workshops.  Connie watches the lines of stress being erased from the faces in her audience as men and women appear more youthful.

It is through the practice taking in daily doses of nature-connection that we can begin to heal the effects of our hectic and often lonely lifestyles. By re-establishing our innate and childlike way of interacting with nature, we become whole again.  She believes that through awakening our nature connection, we will feel nourished and then in turn seek ways to nourish our beloved planet.

For those who have a well-established relationship with nature and are seeking ways to interact spiritually with nature, Connie can facilitate John Seed's (John's Rainforest Site)  and Joanna Macy's "Council for all Beings" or build a Backyard Labyrinth for meditation walks.  Connie also offers good news about positive solutions for our ailing Earth home in her workshop, "Be Hope for the Planet".

Connie has presented her workshops from coast to coast and in Europe.